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Educational Products

The Composer's Stone TM is an excellent tool for the contemplation and creation of music in any style and a great gift for that special musician. Developed by Composer, Pianist and Educator Ashby Anderson, The Composer's Stone TM aids in viewing the relationships of music theory geometrically through tactile sensation while portraying the tonic, dominant and subdominant relationships using triads and seventh chords. The Composer's Stone TM outlines Augmented and Diminished Chords, Cycle Progressions, Symmetrical Scales and musical relationships at various levels with engraved music notes on the shape of the Tetrahedron. Each side has multiple uses which are shown on the directions accompanying the Composer's Stone TM. Let the light of new creativity permeate your music or inspire the work of that special musician. Order one today for yourself or a friend. All materials biodegradable.

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