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How A Garage Can Change The World

How a two story garage with instruments created over 1.6 million dollars in opportunities using music. 2016 marks the 10th anniversary since the genesis of the Muse Creative Workspace in Richmond Virginia. Developed, by husband and wife team Ashby and Terri Anderson, in 2006 as a rehearsal, performance and music education facility, the Muse Creative Workspace has risen to become a model of independence for creative artists. Through self produced Jazz concerts, an independently owned school for Jazz and plenty of instruments, Ashby and Terri have improved the environment of their native city Richmond, VA.

Whether donating space for Jazz orchestra’s to rehearse, preparing student to attend the best music colleges , shipping instruments to an after school music program 0r presenting hours of original compositions by Ashby, the Anderson’s have literally kicked open the door to opportunities previously unavailable to musicians, students and parents in Richmond and surrounding areas.

The Muse Creative Workspace is primarily self funded. Using their own resources the Anderson’s dreamed, designed, renovated and invested their lives into creating a positive space for ideas to thrive and local youth to develop. By combining their experience as artist educators, the Anderson’s tackled problem after problem to transform a two story garage into a music loft that could accommodate many types of creative ideas. To date the Muse Creative Workspace has served the needs of the Richmond Symphony, creative projects by music professors, hosted many concert series by local musicians while serving the cultural and educational needs of an underserved African-American Community. Though the Anderson’s efforts, students trained at this facility have obtained full scholarship offers amounting over 1.6million to attend top music colleges.

Muse Creative Workspace founders Ashby and Terri Anderson are available to share their knowledge on how to positively change your community using music through speaking engagements, workshops and consultation for colleges, churches, schools, non-profits and government agencies: contact 804.819.0253 or email

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